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Atlas of Climatologies for the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, and western Atlantic (0-40N, 50W-100W)

An Atlas of Standard Climatologies for various oceanic and atmospheric variables covering the region 0-40N, 50W-100W. The standard climatologies included are the NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis, SOC, ECMWF Reanalysis, COADS, daSilva, Oberhuber, OSUSFC, HOAPS, Hastenrath and Lamb, and Hellerman and Rosenstein.

· Air Temperature Climatologies(pdf)
· Sea Surface Temperature Climatologies(pdf)
· Sea Level Pressure Climatologies(pdf)
· Relative Humidity Climatologies(pdf)
· Longwave Radiation Climatologies(pdf)
· Latent Heat Flux Climatologies(pdf)
· Sensible Heat Flux Climatologies(pdf)
· Wind Speed and Direction Climatologies(pdf)

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