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Surface Currents on the West Florida Shelf Observed with the Wellen Radar System

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Surface currents are observed with the Wellen Radar (WERA) on the Wesf Florida Shelf by College of Marine Science (CMS) at University of South Florida (USF). This animation shows the hourly averaged current maps acquired during the recent 3 days. Detailed information about the HF radars on the west Florida coasts can be seen the website of Ocean Circulation Group (OCG) in CMS/USF. Questions or comments, please contact Prof. Robert H. Weisberg, Dr. Cliff Merz, or Dr. Yonggang Liu.

HF radar related publications from OCG/CMS/USF:

Liu, Y., R.H. Weisberg, S. Vignudelli, L. Roblou, and C.R. Merz, 2011: Comparison of the X-TRACK altimetry estimated currents with moored ADCP and HF radar observations on the West Florida Shelf, Advances in Space Research, doi:10.1016/j.asr.2011.09.012 (in press).

Liu, Y., R.H. Weisberg, C.R. Merz, S. Lichtenwalner, and G.J. Kirkpatrick, 2010: HF radar performance in a low energy environment: CODAR SeaSonde experience on the West Florida Shelf. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, 27(10), 1689-1710.

Liu, Y., R.H. Weisberg, and L.K. Shay, 2007: Current patterns on the West Florida Shelf from joint Self-Organizing Map analyses of HF radar and ADCP data. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, 24(4), 702-712.

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