USF College of Marine Science

The nowcast/forecast system and other analyses/data are research products under development. No warranty is made, expressed or implied, regarding accuracy, or regarding the suitability for any particular application. All rights reserved University of South Florida, Ocean Circulation Group. Copyright University of South Florida 2010


The College of Marine Science - USF, Ocean Circulation Group maintains a coordinated program of coastal ocean observing and modeling for the West Florida Continental Shelf (WFS). Modeling includes a West Florida Shelf version of ROMS nested in the Navy's operational HYCOM. We are also diagnosing model output from the Navy's HYCOM, from NCSU's SABGOM ROMS, and also from the NOAA RTOFS. All of these model-based, oil spill trajectory forecasts, each updated daily with new wind forecasts and new satellite derived oil location reinitializations are provided below.

· WFS FVCOM nested to Hycom Nowcast/Forecast Model
· WFS FVCOM Daily-mean Surface Current and Temperature Movies
· WFS FVCOM Daily-mean Bottom Current and Temperature Movies
· WFS FVCOM Daily- and Depth-mean Current and Temperature Movies
· ROMS WFS Model Forecasts (Retired July 6th, 2016)